Desserts production



The proposed installation is shaped for the production of desserts and can be integrated within an existing dairy factory. It can also be built as a fully independent unit on an industrial site. The covered range of products is as follows :

  • Plain yogurt (full-cream, ½ skimmed, skimmed), with or without sugar
  • Flavoured yogurt, with sugar
  • Yogurt with fruit (with tiny pieces of fruit)
  • All types of dessert creams (vanilla, chocolate, caramel, with eggs,…)
  • All types of fruit compotes
  • Meal for babies and small children (vegetables purée with or without meat or fish)
The dessert range can also be proposed under the license of “Délicelait”®. This license gives access to a wide range of products with an eye-catching design and for which the cost price analysis can be easily updated according to production settings, packaging, used raw materials and to the recipes. Moreover, the quality guarantee of finished products by “Delicelait”® offers a greater security for your investment.