The Company
MC Food Concept is, in fact, a division of the company MC Food Service.

This company, specialized in the commercialization, the representation and the conception of adapted ingredients, mainly from milk origin, for the food industry, was regularly requested for the set up of installations designed for the production, the reception, the continuous dosage and the storage in the food industry.

Due to the important increase of the projects on that field, we couldn’t keep this activity within MC Food Service, as the goal was totally different. Both activities have been separated, and a different staff, with a greater experience, is now in charge of this technical division.

MC Food Concept was created under such circumstances, and our knowledge of the food market allows us to consider further collaboration with external Belgian or foreign engineering companies to cover a wide range of application scopes, one very different from the other.

This way of working gives us also the opportunity to cover the whole world, in order to satisfy our potential customers.